Why Cordyceps is called superfood ?


Anti-Fatigue, Athletic Strength, Pain Management, Increases Libido, etc.


Cordycepin, Beta-glucans, Anti-oxidants, Vitamin B12, Adenosine etc.


Supports Immune System, Maintains Blood Sugar, Lowers Cholesterol & Fights Cancer Cells.

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Shiv Agriculture Nepal is a Kathmandu based startup, lead and managed by group of young professionals since 2020. We cultivate and distribute gourmet and medicinal mushroom with the objective of bringing the myriad of nutritional, medicinal and philosophical benefits of this relatively unknown species to the people of this world. We currently grow high-quality Cordyceps militaris mushroom in a controlled atmosphere with a completely vegan process that uses brown rice, glucose, vegetable proteins & vitamins, etc.

We have built our first Cordyceps Militaris mushroom lab in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company initial production capacity is up to 20 kg dried mushroom fruit bodies per month. We maintain proper hygiene, cleanliness and follow all the standard food industry procedures during the whole process of mushroom cultivation i.e. substrate preparation, inoculation, incubation, harvesting, and packing.

About Cordyceps militeris

Cordyceps Militieries mushroom, the most expensive mushroom available in this world. The wild variety of this mushroom is also known as Yarsagumba or Kidajadi in local term.

 While mushrooms can be both of gourmet type and medicinal type, Cordyceps Militaris is specifically meant for medicinal use. Amongst all the different species of Cordycep mushrooms, Codyceps Militaris is recognized as the oldest source of a variety of beneficial chemical constituents. This variety is commonly used as tonic medicine by various communities.

Earlier Yarsagumba was only available in high altitude regions, mostly in high ranges of China and Nepal but now a days due to scientific intervention it can be produced at control environment in modern laboratories. The world over, cordyceps are recognized as super foods, and are commonly utilized as pre-workout supplements.     

Codycep Militaris is a particular species of fungus within the family Clavicipitaceae and class Ascomycetes. It is a recognized therapeutic mushroom used over several centuries in order to boost immunity levels and also increase energy. When originally found, it was being used to recover from illness and remove fatigue in Tibet, but today it is also found very usefull in several health issues. Codyceps Militeries contain nutrients such as Codycepin,

liver and lung functions, Enhanced sex drive due to enhancement of estradiol-17 and testosterone levels, Brings down oxidative stress, Lowers tumor development tendencies, It acts as a nucleic acid antibiotic which may be able to inhibit cancerous cells, Ensures better recovery from illness, Reduces the effect of cholesterol and brings down blood sugar levels due to the beta glucans present as nutrients in it, Its adenosine levels help increase the body’s level of ATP, thereby helping athletes recover quickly. Codycepin plays a major role in alleviating conditions such as bronchitis or asthma as are its anti-inflammatory components.

I am sure, after knowing all these health benefit of Codycep Mlitaris, you will definitely have one common question that how “come it is possible?” with one natural commodities having so much of health benefit. If it so, than let me share you the details of nutrients combination that Codyceps poses in rich doses. For more detail please watch the following video

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Cordyceps Militaris 100g (Dry/Powder/Capsule)

100% pure cordyceps militaris from the land of Himalaya

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Whatsapp – +9779807869466

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Cordyceps Militaris 50g (Dry/Powder/Capsule)

100% pure cordyceps militaris from the land of Himalaya

If you are interested to have this product you may contact us via:

Facebook massanger – https://www.facebook.com/Shiva-Agriculture-Nepal-104299501701564

Whatsapp – +9779807869466

Mobile – +9779860951365

Cordyceps Militaris 25g (Dry/Powder/Capsule)

100% pure cordyceps militaris from the land of Himalaya

If you are interested to have this product you may contact us via:

Facebook massanger – https://www.facebook.com/Shiva-Agriculture-Nepal-104299501701564

Whatsapp – +9779807869466

Mobile – +9779860951365

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We had poses all necessary licences and approval for export and import from government of Nepal. We will provide the laboratory test report and international food quality standard certificate as per exporting country requirement. We are committed to maintain the quality product and services.

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